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 Energy for the Future








The most current product we offer is the Centrafusion EX-M1. Plans for the EX-M1 are now available. For more information contact us.

We are always working to give you the latest product and technical information.


 To get current plans and pricing for the Centrafusion EX-M1 contact us.

The Centrafusion EX-M1 is not a perpetual motion machine or a generator it is a demonstration unit only.

The Centrafusion EX-M1 consists of two platens.
One is plastic and the other is metal.
Both platens are magnetic.

Operation involves spinning the top platen.
The EX-M1 will spin for a minute and slow down then stop.
The faster you spin the longer it runs.

Click here to view the video

 The current product we have in development is the Centrafusion Quantum G-2. This will be a generator/perpetual motion machine.